Door wie
Louise Boitelle
reprise op 23 mei
aanvang 19.30
Studiozaal Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg
Bijdrage Art-fact
€5000 Financiële bijdrage coaching jonge makers

In Between Less & More was op 02 maart te zien in het Factorium Theater te Tilburg.

Naast deze voorstelling waren er deze avond nog 2 andere stukken te zien van jonge makers. Op 23 mei is de voorstelling Less & More nog een keer te zien tijdens de netwwerkbijeenkomst van Art-fact.

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In Between Less & More

They tell you to bullshit.... Giving and receiving, speeding up and slowing down, having a career and taking care of yourself.
Grow, develop, study, work, friends, relationships, and family. Don't forget to exercise.

How hard are you working?
Am I working harder?
Are you stopping here?
Why are you stopping here?

Stuck, defeated, winner ... which path do you choose?
Can you justify it?
70% of young people report experiencing pressure to perform often to very often.

‘In Between Less & More’ is a performance in which individuals meet each other's box. In this performance, different hints are given and the audience is free to create their own interpretation and connect it to their reality. The dancers will discover and expose their own box and the influence of another's box. What does your box look like?

In addition to this performance, other acts will take place that will be announced later. in this way we are creating an evening full of program.